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We will start to discover the Anatolian part from Üsküdar and then we will move to north to have a glimpse on the beauties on that side. Then we will go back to south and start our journey from Kadıköy and other important places on the south part of Anatolian side. 

View from Moda

"İstanbul Hakkında Her Şey", Saffet Emre Tonguç & Pat Yale.

Major transportation
Bus, Tram, Boat, Minibüs, Dolmuş, Taxi.
Para Birimi

En iyi beş
(Best Five)
1. Moda
2. Caddebostan 
3. Fenerbahçe Park
4. Büyükada
5. Çengelköy
Mutlaka tadın
Fish at Çengelköy, Yummy Cupcakes'de Red Velvet (Bağdat Caddesi Caddebostan)


From Kabataş, you will and on Anatolia at Üsküdar where all transportation are linked together. If you go to the south, Salacak will welcome you with its beautiful sea-side walking park. The park is looking to the gorgeous maiden Tower. The boats to the tower also start their journey from Salacak. 

Maiden Tower has a restaurant in it, however with its small windows, it is very  difficult to enjoy the view. So it is better to appreciate its beauty from Salacak.

Maiden Tower and Bosphorus Bridge
The places that I will explain now can be seen from boat during the  Bosphorus boat trip. 

Çamlıca, Kuzguncuk, Beylerbeyi

Çamlıca is situated at the hills of Üsküdar. There are two hills: Small Çamlıca and Big Çamlıca. Small Çamlıca is actually more beautiful then big one. However, the view from Big Çamlıca at sunset is unforgettable. 

Kuzguncuk is a place where you can see the greenest trees in İstanbul in between the old wooden houses. Here you can visit a synagogal,  a church and a mosque at the same time. 

Beylerbeyi is at the Anatolian part of Bosphorus Bridge. Beylerbeyi Palace is worth to visit. Only two hours are enough to see this historical building. A guided tour is necessary, you cannot visit by yourself. 

Beylerbeyi Palace, Entrance
This palace was built for Sultan Abdulaziz as a summer palace. This is why no heating system was inserted. The marine drawings at the ceilings and the walls were dedicated to the Sultan Abdulaziz's passion for the sea. 

Beylerbeyi Palace Garden

You have to pass a tunnel before entering the palace. This tunnel was built under the set-gardens so that the vehicles can pass across the gardens. Now, the tunnel is serving as an enterance for Beylerbeyi Palace.

Beylerbeyi  Palace and Tunnel

Çengelköy, Kuleli ve Vaniköy

When I saw Çengelköy from the window of the car, I shouted that " Please stop! I need to spend some time there!" Then I bought fried mussels and enjoyed it while watching the sunset. 



Kuleli, was named after the famous Kuleli Military High School building. Suring the Kırım War, Florence Nightingale turned this building into a military hospital. Now it serves as a military high school as the name implies.  

Vaniköy is famus because of its wateside residences. If you had a boat trip along Bosphorus, please carefully examine the houses at the shore.  

Küçüksu, Anadolu Hisarı ve Kanlıca

After Kandilli and Küçüksu, you may see a small castle remains called Anadolu Citadel. It was built by Sultan Yıldırım Beyazıd during the İstanbul Siege. The small water right next to the castle is called Küçüksu. At Ottoman times, the nights were very famous and İstanbul  came here to entertain themselves. 

Kanlıca is famous with its yogurt, served with powdered sugar. the Mihrabad Forest is also a beautiful place to have brunch on Sundays, enjoying the perfect view. 

 Yogurt of Kanlıca

After Kanlıca, you can see  Çubuklu, Hıdiv Pavilion, Paşabahçe, Beykoz ve Anadolu Kavağı. 

Now, we go back to Üsküdar and move to Kadıköy. 


Byzantines called this part of İstanbul as " The Country of Blind". They were shocked how the people living at this side could not figure out the beauty of Historical Peninsula, which is located at the opposite side of Bosphorus.

The most crowded part of Anatolian side is undoubtedly Kadıköy. All the transportation vehicles such as ferries, boats, buses, tram, minibuses and dolmuş are passing through from Kadıköy. 

Kadıköy Sahili
 Haydarpaşa Train Station is another attraction at that coast. It was said that government will demolish the building and build a new hotel at its spot. I hope no such thing will happen.  

Haydarpaşa Train Station

If you move forward from ferry, you can figure out why all that crowd spend their time here. Small and cheap shops, tasteful restaurants and any kind of bars and cafes can be found at that area. If you move more with the same direction, Altıyol will welcome you with its famous Bull Statue.  

The Bull of Kadıköy
If you turn right after Bull, you can see the pedestrian Bahariye Street. the most beautiful building at the street is undoubtedly Süreyya Opera House.  There are also shops and restaurants at the street. 


The historical tram from Kadıköy will take you to Moda. After the noise of Kadıköy, you will find Moda extremely peaceful with its  gorgeous view. You can rest at the Cafes located at the top of the hill among the coast. If you are hungry, before coming here, you should buy one of the delicious tastes from Eyfel Bakery, located at the Moda Street. 

At the Moda Street, famous Ali Usta Ice-Cream Shop is waiting for you. There is also museum-house of Barış Manço, one of the most famous singers of Turkey. 

The cat of Moda.


You can still chase the peace that you found at Moda, especially at Fenerbahçe Park. Kalamış Marina is also a beautiful place to see. Fenerbahçe is famous because its football team.

Prince Islands from Fenerbahce Park.

Sahil Yolu and Bağdat Road

Both streets are one way roads that are connecting Kızıltıorak to Bostancı with oppositte directions. The places that are located along these streets are: Feneryolu, Selamiçeşme, Çiftehavuzlar, Göztepe, Caddebostan, Erenköy, Şaşkınbakkal, Suadiye and Çatalçeşme. Sahilyolu is very beautiful especially at the , Caddebostan part.


Bagdat Street is a shopping street with an unbareable traffic. It is a very long street and the best shops are located at the Caddebostan and Erenköy part of the street. If you walk through the Caddebostan Cultural and Convention Center, a lovely cupcake shop will be waiting for you. Yummy Cupcakes is famous with its Red Velvet but I recommend you to try also Chocolate Mint one. 

Yummy Cupcakes

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